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Children Karate & Self Defense Classes

Youth Program (4-9 years old)    Junior Program (10-15 years old)

The Youth and Junior Karate program is a structured class that teaches basic self defense and fundamental striking and blocking skills while building self-confidence through physical and mental conditioning.  The goal or our self defense program is to teach the students how to diffuse or defend themselves in dangerous situations.  This class is design to teach the fundamentals that are essential in learning the more physically and mentally challenging artistic and sport facets of the art.  Our Junior Karate program graduates by belt rank to more advance curriculums of American Karate.

Adult Karate & Self Defense Classes

Teen & Adult Program (16 years old and over)

Apart from higher strength and aerobic demands, this course is virtually identical to the Junior Karate and Self Defense class.  Further, instructors place a great deal of emphasis on leading by example, striving to train students in becoming, someday, black belt instructors themselves.

Kickboxing & Muay Thai Fitness

Classes Offered: Teen to Adult Men & Women

The class teaches the fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing through a fun and high energy aerobic workout.  Students will improve their cardiovascular fitness levels while increasing strength and endurance.  Students will be able to build their boxing and kickboxing skills to competitive levels through our intermediate and advance classes.